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The best project to get citizenship in Grenada and how an environment based on cooperation can benefit your investment

8/29/2023 8:00:00 AM
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It will soon be a year since the Prime Minister of Grenada, Deacon Mitchell, attended the 77th United Nations Assembly. After the event, he met the chairman of a prestigious Asian corporate group that is in charge of developing one of Grenada's largest real estate projects. This is the kind of project that people choose when looking for the best real estate deals within a CBI framework.

Both parties discussed the plan for upgrading the country’s north-south corridor to which Mitchell gave his feedback based on three arguments. 

The representative of the Asian firm offered help in financing the project through interest-free and low-interest loans which may even be exempt from repayment in the long term. Moreover, the company proposes to bear expenses when it comes to preparing the field, for example, widening the space, especially in the most populated areas. With solid cooperation between the corporation and the government, the chairman expects to finish the project in approximately three years together with the golf course that will be taking place within the resort. 

During the meeting, the chairman stated that he was happy to enjoy the support of the Grenadian people, especially since the company provided aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, they established stationary schools, distributed gift cards, and cooperated by bringing equipment to excavate irrigation canals and help the agricultural sector. On the other hand, the prime minister promised to maintain the CBI administration at its best so that people who are wondering how to obtain Grenada citizenship through property investment can have the best service delivered. Of course, this will translate into better results for everyone, and the investors will experience a smooth transition into their new home country. 

What is the best country to invest in real estate: Achieving results through healthy cooperation

Choosing what is the best country to invest in real estate is a decision that requires research and involvement. Besides the basic factors that every investor must keep in mind, it’s vital to consider how the government relates to the business sector. In this case, if you decide to buy a property in Grenada, you are on the right track. The developer of one of the most important real estate projects works hand in hand with the government to improve the country's infrastructure and thus generate the ideal conditions for the project to thrive. It’s a win-win situation. 

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Grenada real estate market guide

Granada is known as the island of spices because of its wide variety of the said product, and also by its unforgettable beauty. When it comes to tropical landscapes and lifestyle, Grenada is one of the best options out there especially since it offers the possibility to invest in international real estate. The CBI program was established in 2013 opening the doors to buy a property in Grenada obtaining citizenship and a second home. Thus, the program was geared toward celebrities, retirees, businesspeople, and wealthy families who wanted to enjoy a relaxed environment without compromising the possibility of getting business opportunities. 

Thanks to this, the country has developed a diverse array of real estate options. Investors can choose from luxury villas to modern units and historic homes with the possibility to buy land and build a property to their own taste. 

Saint Andrews is the largest parish on the main island and the capital is St George’s. Here is where you’ll find more activity since it’s the most populated city in the country. Besides the capital, other great places to invest are Lance aux Epines, Grand Anse, and Carriacou. 

How to obtain Grenada citizenship through property investment

The first step is to find the right investment, and Mundo can introduce you to the best one. We’re talking about a resort that’s being developed by a prestigious Asian company. Its location is dreamy near the Levera beach and National Park. The resort will have 500 units that are ideal for making the best returns in a touristic-friendly environment. Besides the wide array of amenities, visitors will enjoy a casino, golf courses, a yacht quay, and a park, all this in an area of almost 412 acres. Impressive landscapes and a luxury experience await visitors, while investors can enjoy the returns and the advantages of citizenship in Grenada through real estate.

As a single investor, the applicant will have to invest a minimum of 350,000 American dollars with the possibility to co-invest and reduce the minimum to 220,000. 

Disclaimer: this article is merely informative. The Mundo team recommends consulting with an expert in investment, taxation, and real estate before making any important financial decisions. 


Find the best real estate deals with Mundo

Real estate investment is a field that closely relates to financial freedom and nomad capitalism, this is why Mundo offers the best real estate deals. In our view, the ideal way to invest in international real estate is if it comes with the possibility of obtaining a second passport or residency. Thus, you’ll be diversifying not only your portfolio but also your movement and travel possibilities. 

Naturally, you can also buy a property in Grenada, Panama, St Kitts, Antigua, and plenty of places where your capital can grow with no restrictions or with fewer restrictions than you would find in other places. 

Either way, real estate is an investment that everyone must have in their portfolios or, at least consider. At Mundo we help you find the right strategy for your particular case; all you have to do is take the first step and contact us.

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