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Mundo special holiday offer in Nevis: LLC + bank account in one of the best Caribbean jurisdictions

12/20/2023 8:00:00 AM
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For those interested in corporate, 2023 has been an amazing year. Mundo has written about our top picks for the corporate world which include Seychelles, the BVI, the Bahamas, The US, Switzerland, Panama, and, of course, our beloved Nevis. 

Nevis companies are the perfect complement for a St Kitts business, this being a great jurisdiction to establish a company in 2024. Moreover, Mundo brings exciting news to make corporate, 2023, and the end of the year the perfect scenario for adding a new block in your financial chain.

Corporate, 2023 is coming to an end and Mundo knows it: special holiday offer

Since we know the importance of a solid jurisdiction to establish a company in 2024, why not start now? A St Kitts business can be the perfect Christmas gift for yourself and your business plan. 

In Nevis, registration is quite easy, and this is heightened because Mundo has close connections with one of the island's agents. It takes only two or three days to set up your structure and have it running 100%.

Another excellent advantage of the jurisdiction is its flexible tax system. Being a territorial country, Nevis allows you to organize your affairs so that you can pay less tax. Keep in mind that foreign-derived income will not be taxed in the jurisdiction of Nevis as long as you have tax residency there. It also has other perks like no dividend, wages, or income taxes, moreover, Nevis doesn't apply tax on IBCs’ accumulated earnings.

Finances in St Kitts and Nevis are quite attractive because of the innovative environment that surrounds them. The country is not only business-friendly but also offers fertile soil for E-businesses. From e-commerce to e-learning sites and consulting services, Nevis companies provide top-notch solutions. Do you want to find out where is the best place for business this year? Take a look at this jurisdiction and learn about its corporate requirements and account options.

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The best solution for finances in St Kitts and Nevis

When somebody is trying to protect his/her assets, security and confidentiality become key aspects. In the world of corporate, 2023 has brought plenty of interesting options but, for the end of the year, Mundo keeps choosing Nevis.

Thanks to the country’s protective trust legislation and flexible corporate laws, Nevis companies are excellent means to protect your assets and constitute an outstanding framework for your business to develop.

Privacy is not an issue as the articles of incorporation only state the legal address, the registration agent, and the authorized capital while the rest of the information does not appear on public records. Unless there are solid reasons to suspect fraudulent or illegal activity, owners’ and members’ information is kept under the strictest confidentiality.

Disclaimer: This article presents general information about Nevis companies and the country’s tax benefits and does not replace a legal consultation. For accurate and updated information consult with a certified tax expert or financial advisor. 

Nevis companies plus accounts for only 2000 USD and no hidden fees

We wouldn't offer you a Christmas company without throwing in a corporate account so that you can organize your savings, transactions, income, and expenses. This Christmas offer is quite unique as it was designed by our experts, especially for Mundo's readers.

Our team of professionals and advisors has deep knowledge and experience in Saint Kitts and Nevis when it comes to citizenship, banks, trusts, and companies. This is why, if you want to find out where is the best place for business this year, Nevis companies don't disappoint.

Seize this opportunity before the 31st of December and start the new year with the right foot. Establish a company in 2024 in one of the best jurisdictions and hand in hand with your Mundo advisor.

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