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Limited Christmas offer to establish your trust: Pay for silver and get gold!

12/21/2023 8:00:00 AM
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It's time to make the balance when it comes to new year finance and think about how to protect your assets in the new year. Although an asset protection plan encompasses different aspects, a trust is any plan’s essence. With this holiday special, Mundo offers a Nevis trust golden package for the price of a silver one.

Find the best solution for asset protection before the end of the year

War, global warming, hyperinflation, and volatility are only some of the issues that may interfere with your financial plan in 2024. Not now, not ever can the asset protection element of your structure be considered negotiable. So, if you want to protect your assets in the new year, Mundo brings a Christmas offer in which you can get a golden trust package for the price of a silver one. Now let's see the advantages.

Benefits of a Nevis trust

The structure is backed up by a very protective framework and a solid history of asset protection. There are many cases in which not even powerful international authorities were able to set aside the Nevis trust. Actually, only local courts can interfere with the trust assets and even this is hard to do.

Innate enemies of wealthy people's assets are creditors, unfair lawsuits, and ex spouses who will have to go through the local legal system to touch your trust, which entails high costs and lots of work.

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You'll find that your trust makes a perfect Christmas offer also because of its inheritance capabilities. For starters, the Nevis trust protects you against forced heirship. At a later stage, once you're ready to pass on your wealth to the next generation, you can rest assured that a trust will simplify your inheritance process. If you want to protect your assets in the new year and also establish a tool that will help you organize your assets and their distribution, this is the ideal solution. The essence of a trust is the ability of the settlor to, in the first place, separate himself or herself from the assets. Secondly, he or she can establish who and when will benefit from the said assets. This avoids problems with spendthrift relatives and helps mitigate any possible dispute between the heirs. 

Characteristics of a Nevis trust for your New Year finance objectives

Choose a reliable trustee to protect your assets in the new year. Our holiday special will allow you to access professional trustees who are legally allowed to work as such. The Nevis law allows you to appoint a protector. This can be from a friend of the family to a professional accountant or even a company. The protector's job is to look after the trust’s assets, and he/she/it has veto power over some decisions.

Like with other structures in Nevis, the trusts are highly confidential because they don't reveal the identity of the settlor. A similar case is presented by the Nevis company which doesn't reveal sensitive information in the articles of incorporation thus helping protect the members' privacy. With the trusts, the same logic applies.

With international trust on the island of Nevis, you'll be protected against rulings from foreign courts and will benefit from tax-friendly policies inherent to this jurisdiction.

If you want to seize this Christmas offer it's worth noting that keeping accounting records is mandatory. On the other hand, tax returns are not. In other words, hiring a good accountant is key to the success and the correct functioning of your trust.

Disclaimer: this article only presents the Nevis trusts as a general picture. Therefore, this article does not replace a professional legal consultation. Before making any financial decisions make sure to consult with a professional expert in all the jurisdictions involved.

Enjoy Mundo's holiday special: pay for a silver plan and get our golden package!

If your balance for 2023 is positive, make sure you're feeling the same way one year from now. If you don't have a trust yet and you want to find the best solution for asset protection in 2024, why wait? Mundo experts have prepared this special offer in which we provide a golden Nevis trust package for a silver package fee.

The Mundo team is closely related to financial experts all over the world and Nevis is one of our best jurisdictions. Here you can find safe banking and solid corporate options, and you can protect your assets in the new year through a Nevis trust.

Don't miss the chance to get this Christmas offer and enjoy Mundo's holiday special for Nevis trusts.

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