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Embrace the Caymans for your business and corporate needs

11/30/2023 8:00:00 AM
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There will come a time in which your financial plan will need a reliable company. Then you'll be ready to choose the perfect jurisdiction. With this premise in mind, Mundo invites you to embrace the Caymans, a jurisdiction that happens to be an exciting corporate hub. 

Why establish a company

All in all, the corporate structure is a key piece of your financial freedom mechanism. Among other things, a company is the best money-generating machine. For investors, diversification is a sacred word and that's why they allocate their assets to different vehicles like gold, cash, real estate, stocks and bonds, and so on. Based on their experience, our experts have taught us to look at companies as powerful assets too. Nonetheless, the reader should keep in mind that a company requires more than investing money: you will also have to invest your time. 

But, if the basic foundations are laid out correctly, a company will be a powerful machine. Market research, the development of a valuable product, and the formation of the right team are the three legs that support such a foundation. However, now comes the difficult part in which you have to choose the right jurisdiction for your corporate affairs. 

A Cayman Islands business, for example, is an excellent vehicle as it will provide you with the right structure to develop your plans. Keep in mind that, as a business owner, you have to consider factors like taxation, types of activities and where to conduct them, auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting. Therefore, you need a proper environment where all this burden is lightened rather than unnecessarily complicated. In the next paragraphs, you’ll get to know the Cayman Islands, a country that's famous for its corporate advantages.

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Why choose Cayman Islands: business advantages

White-listed and tax-friendly

This is one of the Cayman’s best advantages. Many nomad capitalists and global entrepreneurs embrace the Caymans for their fiscal policies. Once they choose this country, they know that they access a variety of tax benefits. For example, companies are not subject to corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax, or capital gains tax. Moreover, this applies to companies owned by foreigners or by locals. 

Thus, a win-win situation is deployed before our eyes. On the one hand, the government gets its share by charging license fees and customs taxes and, on the other hand, if you establish your business in the Cayman Islands, you'll get all the above-mentioned benefits. All of this is available in a whitelisted and compliant jurisdiction that falls rightly into all international standards.

Embrace the Caymans and its simple processes

Bureaucracy is business’s kryptonite. If you're wondering “why choose Cayman Islands”, think about straightforwardness and simplicity. Incorporation is easy and it's done fast after the applicant gathers the right due diligence documents. Once everything's approved the company is ready between one and four business days. 

Since time is our most coveted asset, establishing a Cayman Islands business is a good idea because it allows you to save a lot. Management is simple as the company doesn't require a local director and the main shareholder and director can be the same person. One individual is enough to start running a Cayman Islands business.

A board of directors is not mandatory, and neither is to assign a management role. When it comes to privacy and discretion, the Caymans don't disappoint as directors and shareholders do not appear in public records. They will appear, however, in corporate registries within the jurisdiction.

Get to know the Cayman Islands and its friendliness toward business

It is in the country's nature to respect and foster business. Actually, the Cayman Islands financial authority has over 11,000 funds registered. Clearly, this speaks of the country's natural proneness to business and to supporting trading activities.

An important factor to measure business friendliness is the country's stability. In this regard, you can embrace the Caymans without problems. Any country can be the perfect paradise today, but things can be completely turned around after one mere election. Political instability makes it very hard to predict future policies and take measures accordingly, hence, this is a key factor to consider if you want to establish your business in the Cayman Islands.

Moreover, we're talking about a country closely linked to the United Kingdom which means that it boasts a democratic regime. Get to know the Cayman Islands and you'll find that there are no currency exchange restrictions or similar policies that may affect a business in the long term. Among other things, the Cayman Islands have kept a close relationship with the most important financial hubs in the world, which represents the Cayman’s commitment to business and entrepreneurship.

Highly educated population

In the Cayman Islands, the alphabetization rate is one of the highest: 98.8%. English is the official language, and the workforce is qualified for almost any type of job. The only downside is maybe the fact that they are very dedicated to the tourism sector. In other words, it may be hard to find people specifically for corporative tasks.

Disclaimer: This is a descriptive article on Cayman Island’s general corporate environment. This article is not intended to give professional, corporate, financial, or investment advice. Before opening a company in the Cayman Islands, consult with a professional.

Establish a Cayman Islands business with Mundo

Thanks to our long journey in the business sector, we have strategic partners in the most important corporate hubs and the Cayman Islands business is no exception. At Mundo, we know the importance of a company, especially when it comes to running it smoothly. This is why we can help you if you want to establish your business in the Cayman Islands, Nevis, Panama, The United States, or other countries.

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